Bringing Montessori Home

What you need to home-school the Montessori way

Montessori and home schooling can be an excellent match. Parents who recognize that their child's thirst for and absorption of knowledge is instinctive, social and based on experience may find themselves drawn to the work of Dr. Maria Montessori and her vision of following the child. If you are curious about, or committed to, using the Montessori method at home with your child (and turning the world into your classroom) you will find vast and diverse new territory to discover with Magellan Montessori's early elementary curriculum.

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Early Elementary

(Ages 6-9 Years)
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Montessori Early Elementary

Resources and guidance in using Montessori at home

Magellan Montessori's Guide to Homeschooling Early Elementary
(Ages 6-9 Years) is designed for parents that wish to offer their children a worldly, holistic and individualized Montessori experience at home. We offer a strong framework, detailed lesson plans, and insightful advice on budget conscious ways to optimize your materials and resources. Our guidebook series offers a full spectrum of curricula with well designed tools to provide rich and relevant opportunities for your young explorer. Interactive, our online community forums lets you share your experiences, ask questions, and engage with other home schooling Montessori families.

The Magellan Montessori Early Elementary Homeschooling Curriculum is:

  • Comprehensive. Covering the ages of six through nine years (Ages 6-9), our early elementary guidebook series provides three years of curriculum, lesson plans, presentation examples, and referrals for supplementary and complementary materials.
  • Authentic. All lesson plans and curricula are developed and presented by a certified Montessori directress. We understand the realities and logistics of home education. The book offers credible Montessori guidance, giving you a strong and solid understanding of the core of Dr. Montessori's work.
  • Supportive. Our online community forum is available for registered users to interact with other Montessori homeschooling parents, to ask questions, and to make discoveries. Questions specific to the Montessori method are reviewed by a certified Montessori directress.
"Man is a fusion of personality and education, and education includes the series of experiences he undergoes during his life. The two things cannot be separated in the individual: intelligence without acquirement is an abstraction."
- Dr. Maria Montessori, Spontaneous Activity in Education

"It's been taking me months and months (going on years?!) to design our curriculum and pull together a collection of lesson plans that work appropriately for our family. Then I found this book. It's simply wonderful."
- Stephanie, commenting on -Magellan Montessori's Guide To Homeschooling


Spring 2018 

We are in the midst of researching and preparing the Third Edition of our guidebooks.

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