About Us

The Magellan Montessori curriculum is firmly rooted in the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and the traditions established by Montessori practices, adapted for home use. The program adheres to Montessori’s directive to follow the child, offering families open choices in the lessons presented, materials used, and courses of study. We explain the objective and use of traditional Montessori materials and offer reliable guidance on what you really need to effectively educate your child at home making best use of the resources readily available in your home and local community.

Magellan Montessori LLC produces publications designed for home schooling families educating their children by the Montessori method. Magellan Montessori was developed by Suzanne Rouaix, MBA, based on her research and experience with Montessori professionals and home schooling families while exploring educational options for her own son. The company publishes guidebooks with curricula, lesson plans, presentation examples, and referrals for supplementary and complementary materials intended to support a child’s genuine curiosity, creativity and innate intelligence through the pursuit of joyful and purposeful activities.

The author of Magellan Montessori’s Guide to Homeschooling Early Elementary (Ages 6-9 Years), is Miriam Coates, M.Ed.   Miriam holds a Master of Arts in Education and Montessori from St. Catherine University, and an American Montessori Society certification from the Montessori Teacher Education Center San Francisco Bay Area. Miriam has a professional background in Montessori teaching, and Montessori educational consulting for schools, non-profit organizations and families homeschooling. Miriam authentically adheres to Montessori principles and pedagogy, relying on the writing and lectures of Dr. Montessori to create an authentic Montessori learning environment in the home. Miriam explains the objective and use of traditional Montessori materials and offers multiple options for untrained families to follow their child's interests and adapt the curricula accordingly, while making best use of the resources readily available in the home and local community.

Both Suzanne and Miriam have deep belief in the benefits of Montessori education and respect for the personal education choices families make for their children. Through Magellan Montessori, they share their admiration for the work of Dr. Montessori by offering support, guidance, and curricula for parents to confidently create enriching, versatile, and relevant academic and social experiences that meet each child’s unique needs.

Magellan Montessori offers homeschooling families the opportunity for interest driven, genuine hands-on learning. With integrated and interwoven subjects, you can follow your child to create a unique plan of studies and activities, carefully aligned to address the underlying foundation of all learning: the child’s practical understanding of the universe, and their place in it.