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What's new at Magellan Montessori?

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What's new on our site?
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What Can I Expect in the Curricula?

The following question came from one of our readers that we’d like to share, as it may be helpful to others as well:
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Story time in Montessori Early Elementary

When describing the ideal qualities of the Montessori guide, in numerous texts Dr. Montessori wrote about the importance of a pleasant, engaging voice. In no area of the curriculum does this very difficult and very important quality come into play than in language arts. Too often, once children show to be strong independent readers, parents and guides step back and read aloud time ends. This is unfortunate, as time spent reading aloud (especially classics and historical tales) is highly valuable for the elementary child, especially one engaged in at home Montessori education.

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Q/A received via our Facebook Page

At Magellan Montessori we are always happy to answer questions from parents regarding Montessori education and homeschooling.

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The values in a vase: pottery study in Montessori elementary

(Part two of a two-part blog series… Part one was posted last week.)

In The Montessori Method, Dr. Montessori opined on the value of the vase in understanding the development of civilization, “The archaeological, historical, and artistic importance of the vase is very great, and may be compared with numanistic art. In fact the first object of which humanity felt the need was the vase, which came into being with the utilization of fire. Indeed the first food of mankind was cooked in a vase.” The word numanistic refers to collection or study of currencies, payment systems or exchanges of goods for value, in which pottery, by its use as a salable product and necessary household item meets the description.

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Montessori and pottery

(Part one of a two-part blog series… Part two will be posted next week.)
“Thus the children learn to appreciate the objects and constructions which surround them, while a real manual and artistic labour gives the profitable exercise.”
 - from The Montessori Method, Chapter XI, Manual Labour- the potter’s art and building, by Dr. Maria Montessori
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Montessori style home design

Families of Montessori students, or Montessori families, can bring the aesthetics of the Montessori environment home using interior design tactics recommended by Dr. Montessori for a Children’s House. Early elementary children, drawn to spontaneous and social activity, thrive best in environments that are well designed, thoughtfully furnished, and carefully maintained.

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Nourishing Montessori: Resources in food systems and sustainability for Montessori Homeschoolers

Montessori schools and homeschoolers throughout the country are finding new ways to integrate food studies into their curriculum. With the recent attention to Let’s Move, Farm To School, along with the USDA school lunch requirements, the role of agriculture in nourishing education is getting sharper in focus.

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More coming soon: Montessori Consultation Services

While educational consulting is not required to use Magellan Montessori’s guidebook, some families prefer the option to use a professional Montessori consultant for personalized guidance. There are a variety of ways to find a consultant appropriate to a family’s needs, such as checking with school counselors, social service agencies, local education guides published by newspapers or other periodicals. There are consultants specializing in Montessori, and an online search will show both contractors and non-profit groups that offer assistance.


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