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A recent letter posted from a reader to our Facebook site:


A recent letter posted from a reader to our Facebook site:

“I am reading through the book, and believe that an early learning site/forum would benefit from your organization becoming an active member on .

There are some people who discuss Montessori, but don't really understand it, or want to use it in their homeschool curriculum, but don't know how.

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Montessori and Special Needs

Here's another really interesting question received which we'd like to share as the response may be helpful to other families.  
From a reader:
“Stumbled upon your forum in my usual hunt for homeschool and Montessori links. I am a Montessori trained 3-6 teacher, and am now homeschooling my son 13, with Different Needs.
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We love getting your questions!!

Pursuant to the Q/A posted last week, the following question was e-mailed to us that we’d like to share, as it may be helpful to others as well: 

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A question recently asked...

Every so often we are asked a really good question that we like to share, as the answer may be helpful to other prospective readers as well...

Question: "I'm very interested in your curriculum, but I would really like to see a sample of what a daily plan looks like. Is this possible?"

Our answer (by Miriam Coates):

Great question!

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Have you something to say??

If you have already purchased a copy of Magellan Montessori's Guide to Homeschooling Early Elementary (Ages 6-9 Years), then we would really appreciate hearing back from you!
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Upgrades to our community forum underway...

Currently, we are in the midst of upgrading and improving the user experience on our website, with particular emphasis on the community forum.

We understand the importance of being able to ask questions, share experience, and receive support in a respectful and private environment. For families who prefer to ask questions off-line, we will still provide support through email, and soon we will be able to offer one-on-one private consultation services with certified montessori directors/directresses.

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Who is Friedrich Froebel?

When reading the writings or lectures of Dr. Maria Montessori and/or other works on the Montessori Method, it is not uncommon to run into the name Friedrich Froebel. Known for “inventing kindergarten”, Friedrich Froebel (born in Germany in 1782) was a scientist, educational philosopher, acknowledged master crystallographer and a student of Pestalozzi.
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New Products and Services to come along with enhancements to our website!

We are in the process of creating some new products and services as well as some enhancements to our website!

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