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Montessori and pottery

Montessori and pottery, part one of a two-part series… (part two will be posted next week!).

Young children (and most adults) will likely enjoy eating from plates and bowls they have made with their own hands. Dr. Montessori included ceramics in her method starting in the Children’s House and homeschoolers may want to consider doing so too.

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The image of Raphael’s “Madonna della Seggiola” and its (historical) place in “Children’s Houses”

An excerpt from Dr. Maria Montessori’s, The Montessori Method:

"Above the blackboards are hung attractive pictures, chosen carefully, representing simple scenes in which children would naturally be interested. Among the pictures in our “Children’s Houses” in Rome we have hung a copy of Raphael’s “Madonna della Seggiola,” and this picture we have chosen as the emblem of the “Children’s Houses.” For indeed, these “Children’s Houses” represent not only social progress, but universal human progress, and are closely related to the elevation of the idea of motherhood, to the progress of woman and to the protection of her offspring."

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Montessori style home design

Families of Montessori students, or Montessori families, can bring the aesthetics of the Montessori environment home using interior design tactics recommended by Dr. Montessori for a Children’s House. Early elementary children, drawn to spontaneous and social activity, thrive best in environments that are well designed, thoughtfully furnished, and carefully maintained. According to Dr.

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Halloween ideas for Montessori early elementary homeschoolers

Halloween is a sweet opportunity to treat your child to the joy of learning through costume design. Avoid the pop-up costume shops and commercial character costumes this year by looking at the dress-up ritual through a Montessori lens. With a homemade costume, your Montessori homeschooler will have an inventive and original answer to the “And what are you?” question asked at every door.

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Nourishing Montessori: Resources in food systems and sustainability for Montessori Homeschoolers

Montessori schools and homeschoolers throughout the country are finding new ways to integrate food studies into their curriculum. With the recent attention to Let’s Move, Farm To School, and the new USDA school lunch requirements, the role of agriculture in nourishing education is getting sharper in focus.

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The role of assessments in Montessori early elementary homeschooling.

At the start of another academic school year, families that choose to homeschool using Montessori methodology are often faced with questions regarding assessments and evaluations.

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Homeschooling & Montessori

A Natural Fit for Symbiotic Learning
Homeschooling gives children the freedom to learn at their own pace and to reap the benefits of hands-on immersion. While homeschooling families often differ in their approach—some following a structured schedule and others allowing more flexibility—the schema of independent education can be adjusted to meet the individual needs and interests of the child.

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Magellan Montessori Blog Launch

We have launched our blog today where we will share Montessori information and resources with emphasis on homeschooling.

Thank you to all our readers and followers.


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