Montessori Consultation Services

While educational consulting is not required to use Magellan Montessori’s guidebook, some families prefer the option to use a professional Montessori consultant for personalized guidance. There are a variety of ways to find a consultant appropriate to a family’s needs, such as checking with school counselors, social service agencies, local education guides published by newspapers or other periodicals. There are consultants specializing in Montessori, and an online search will show both contractors and non-profit groups that offer assistance. With a little research, families can find a Montessori and/or homeschooling consultant if they so wish to engage services.

To assist with this process, Magellan Montessori is very excited to announce a new personalized consultation matching service to assist families using its Montessori homeschooling guidebook. Upon request, Magellan Montessori can connect families to an independent educational consultant that is AMS certified who can provide individualized and confidential services via email, telephone, or Skype based upon an hourly consulting fee.

If this is an option that interests you, contact us directly and we will send you a fee schedule.