Montessori Community Forum

In addition to making our guidebooks, resources, and up-to-date information accessible through our website, Magellan Montessori strives to bring the Montessori homeschooling community together for support and camaraderie with our online forum. We connect families who are homeschooling with the Montessori method in an interactive format where they can share information, ask questions and share experiences as they advance with our program. We invite you to visit our newly redesigned, membership-based community with these enhanced features:
■ The membership-only forum is just $10 annually, or $5 annually if you sign up for automatic renewal through PayPal. The nominal fee helps us to eliminate annoying spammers and maintain quality levels throughout the forum.
■ Membership also ensures that all participants understand the rights and privacy of fellow members and will conduct themselves accordingly.
■ Questions specific to the Montessori method are reviewed by a certified Montessori director/directress.
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